LONG TIME YOUNG CHILDREN’S MUSICAL ARTIST, Mr. Skip is a skilled musician with a career spanning over 45 years. His dynamic vocal style is backed by his rhythmic mastery on the acoustic guitar. His repertoire ranges from a treasury of classic and lesser known (but kid approved) children’s songs, grown-up kid’s songs (think Yellow Submarine), and original tunes written to meet the sticky-finger set right where they are.

From his earliest days as director of music for vacation church school to his latest 13-year stint as a resident performer for the City of Fairfax, VA and Boogie Babes of Washington, DC, Mr. Skip has performed for thousands of young children, families, and early childhood educators at hundreds of venues, wherever young children are gathered. He’s entertained for the 2008 Children’s Inaugural Ball, the Great Nurse-In at the U.S. Capitol, the Smithsonian Renwick Gallery, the North Carolina State Fair, the Wilmington (DE) Flower Market; and so many child care centers, libraries, bookstores, birthday parties, festivals and fairs, MOM’S groups, the list wouldn’t fit in this space.

He’s conducted workshops for the North Carolina Association for the Education of Young Children, the Delaware Association for the Education of Young Children, the Delaware Association of Child Care Professionals, the Cape Fear Association for the Education of Young Children and the Cecil County Association for the Education of Young Children.

Often referred to as “the Jimmy Buffett of kid’s music” due to his love of aloha shirts and flip flops, he utilizes his gift of connecting with young children to encourage, enlighten and educate them through song and interaction.

After many years of living in Northern Virginia/Washington, DC area, Mr. Skip now resides in the Greater Raleigh, North Carolina area. (A lot less traffic here!)

Mr. Skip Live Music For Young Children

“I believe that music for young children should be fun.  Indeed, my antics and use of age-appropriate humor often have them falling off their see saws! Yet, while my shows are chock full of happiness, they also include the many elements of early childhood development which are so necessary and enriching to their lives.  My performances are for, and about, them.”